Guatemalan Artisans

Artisan Made Supports Fair Trade

As some readers will know, I've been involved in the Fair Trade movement for more than 25 years; first as Vice-President of International Development with World SHARE working with coffee producers in the state of Guerrero, Mexico and then through Fair Trade Quilts & Crafts which I founded in 1999. Artisan Made is a continuation of that work. Its something I'm passionate about because I have seen first hand the benefits to the farmers and artisans involved.

I found an article recently which clearly and succinctly defines Fair Trade for me. It refers to agricultural products, but is equally relevant to artisan goods. Its from a piece by Shannon Fisher.

 "The quality of life in many communities producing fair trade-certified goods is greatly improved. Sometimes, farming communities are given profit sharing from the companies that source their ingredients, and those profits go to improving the community as a whole—be it with a library, medical facilities, town infrastructure, or opening small businesses to support the residents. A major goal of fair trade is to help foster sustainable development around the globe. By helping farming communities in third-world countries, the economy of the entire region gets a boost."

Thank you for supporting our work with artisans in the developing world!

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